My name is Jason and I live in New Zealand. This site is somewhere to collate some projects I have done. I chose the name Rough as Guts as a bit of a play on words, and because my workshops have always been a bit unorthodox, looking a bit rough, usually messy but functional. This site is a constant work in progress, and will likely change periodically. It is hosted on a cloud based VM server that I administer myself. I do everything from configuring the services (web, ftp etc) to updating and maintaining.

I have been making and fixing things for as long as I can remember, growing up in the garage with my dad. I was stripping down old car engines for scrap metal at age 6, helping my dad fix the neighbours and family cars, inventing all sorts of odd and useless gadgets, pulling things apart and seeing how they work.
Things haven’t changed much, I still love getting into the garage making anything from photo frames, trinket boxes to furniture, fixing anything that needs repair. I have even recently taken up learning to sew.

I enjoy riding and working on motorbikes. I do all my own work on my bikes, from basic servicing like oil and filter changes, fork rebuilds and valve timing, through to entire engine rebuilds.